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Tongxiang Wan'gu Standard Component Co., Ltd.
Add:No.308 Dazhuang Road, Shimen Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province
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      Located at No.308 Dazhuang Road, Shimen Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang Wan'gu Standard Component Co., Ltd. has a convenient and fast traffic system. The company is an enterprise dedicated in producing spring washers and flat washers, mainly ASME, BS, DIN, JIS and nonstandard series of spring washers and flat washers. The advanced production equipment, strict product quality detection system and high quality scientific research personnel as well as professional and technical personnel make our products have incomparable competitive strengths in the process quality, cost composition and sale price. Since the products of the company are placed on the market, the sales keep increasing in successive years and the quality improves steadily.
       Our company pays more attention to the product quality management, we have learned advanced quality management philosophies of the same industry at home and abroad and established a sound quality management system. Meanwhile, our company strictly follows the requirements of the international quality management system.
       Our company will increase the science and technology innovation and be dedicated to improving the quality, management and service at the same time of producing and developing spring washers, flat washers and hardware stampings, thus to guarantee the sales network of our factory in the fierce market competition.
       Integrity based 一一 pursue the behavior ideas of integrity, enthusiasm and responsibility at work.
Consumer based -- as the guide and trusty friend of the consumers, introduce and provide the most suitable and most satisfied services to them.
      Technology based -- strive to make technical innovation, and strive to exploit potential markets and develop new businesses based on the development of existing markets.
Society based -- the enterprise development shall comply with the social development mode. We will promote the social progress as our own mission, persist in environmental protection and seek sustainable development.
      We are willing to develop future mutually with extensive traveling merchants hand in hand as always.
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